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The other side of Anna Hazare and his agitation

India Against Corruption

Will this pull Anna Hazare into the dirty world of politics?

While the nation has erupted in protest of Anna Hazare and his team’s detention, Asspeaks takes look at the other side of the coin. Agreed that the government has been acting draconian in the manner it has (mis)handled the agitation by India Against Corruption. But if you take a look at the whole issue with a different outlook, you will see that more than a war against corruption, the issue is slowly becoming a fight against corruption unleashed by Anna Hazare.

I have my reasons to make this (absurd) statements. Every badge, every news report is speaking and putting Anna Hazare in limelight. The media has been branding it as a Hazare fight than anything else. Sagarika Ghosh, right questions – how far is it right to push a bill through the government’s throat?

With all the chaos happening in the country, the opposition too is busy asking “why Anna was detained?” and not joining his movement. Although, Varun Gandhi claims that he had visited the site in the morning to support Anna, we haven’t heard much from other politicians apart from words of support.

Also, not listening to the governments‘ (false) claims in the Parliament gifts UPA an alibi to say that they had reasons but no-one listened. UPA too has been playing politics over Hazare’s name by branding him as corrupt. (Old tactics don’t work always.)

I would also like to state that I am not against the movement, but now I fear that this movement will slowly engulf the country and reproduce a situation that UPA has been claiming to happen – LAW AND ORDER GOING HAYWIRE.

This was just a movement, but with the politics being dragged into it (whoever started it) it is now going to be a war. Jai Hind.


About AS Supreeth

Supreeth Sudhakaran is a content strategist who has worked with leading brands of the media such as Haymarket Media, The Indian Express Group, Dainik Bhaskar and Planman Media.


9 thoughts on “The other side of Anna Hazare and his agitation

  1. Wonderful blog!

    Posted by Florene Leitman | September 7, 2011, 8:29 pm
  2. I hope you could have written more.

    Posted by Twesh Mishra | August 21, 2011, 6:31 pm


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