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Media creates the Golliath Anna; will destroy it soon

Several of these youths have made their license through bribes, got admission through bribes and today are having a picnic demonstration against corruption. Pity!

The TRP soared, people glued to television; Arnab, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha, Vinod Mehta, all going ballistic against the UPA government. A television channel plays in loop when an over excited Kiran Bedi says, India is Anna; Anna is India.
When a few weeks back I wrote about the other side of Anna Hazare, it hadn’t been the right time to fight with the people over what Anna stands for and what he endangers. And while all the leading congress spokespersons whined and miffed about Anna being a great creation of Television media, it was but assumed that it won’t go down well with the enraged “youth of India”.
Now, I have no personal intentions here to say it this way, but what the Fuck is youth ki awaaz? What I find around me is that, there is frustration because of corruption, there exists the boiling blood to do something, but ask them if they are actually interested in solving the issue, and I bet several of them will take a backseat.
Anna and the congress has done something similar to what I can quite stupidly compare with the scene in Chak De India, when the girls have to face the boys. Here the goliath of corruption is being fought by Anna Hazare and team (or so the media had been showing initially). But lately, the discussions that Anna has been too stubborn and autocratic, seems to have been the line most English newschannels are towing.
I went to the place today and it was amazing to see so many disillusioned idiots, who had left their home under the excuse of supporting Anna, and instead, were having a patriotic party/picnic there. As one of Asspeaks’ few readers had commented in my last post, that he expected me to talk more, I thought this is time, I share what the strategy I feel is going to take place in the near future:
1)    The media began making Anna Hazare and his movement a USP and a TRP generator.
2)    Government lambasts Anna, his team and opposition. Fails
3)    The usual cancer of congress licking the Gandhi Boots re-emerges and backfires
4)    BJP silently keep pouring oil in the fire, Anna continues his PR work
5)    Media is approached by the government, and several leading media personalities suddenly start having second thoughts about Anna
6)    BJP has no other way but to tow this path, otherwise, it becomes prominent that it plans to take mileage of the situation.
7)    From here two possibilities are there: Next election UPA is retained after it successfully fools all of us again.
8)    Or BJP enters election without a PM candidate and wins with majority. Narendra Modi is enthroned as new PM.
Anna Hazare has been acting the new generation Gandhi by fighting for limelight and no doubt he is a great manipulator of the media, who has made him the voice of the country. Otherwise, how insane are we to ignore that the badges provided to each supporter is not of India Against Corruption but of Support Anna Hazare.


About AS Supreeth

Supreeth Sudhakaran is a content strategist who has worked with leading brands of the media such as Haymarket Media, The Indian Express Group, Dainik Bhaskar and Planman Media.


4 thoughts on “Media creates the Golliath Anna; will destroy it soon

  1. This made me snigger for a long time.

    Posted by hotshot bald cop | August 31, 2011, 7:19 pm
  2. You my comrade are a genius

    Posted by Vattes | August 30, 2011, 1:18 am


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