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Movie Review Ra.One – Ridiculously Artificial One

Ra.One movie review

A no-brain, game-inspired

Great! Just as I had guessed, SRK’s new Diwali bomb is sure to rake in helluva of moolah by just gambling on the expectations generated over the period of time. Great lord! everything around me seems to be endorsing the movie.. right from the cool oil, talk, soap, and god knows may be underwear!

Trust me guys, this one is really hard to pull out safe. Although, SRK will do it quite comfortably THIS time, but that would not be because of the SFX‘s 70mm marvel he has been fooling the audience with. Look at it this way, the movie has already made the business and while others might disagree with me, SRK has since some time not being giving anything new to his audience…something that reminds them either of the SRK they have always loved or the SRK – the charmer and a good actor. He’s none now!

The story of Ra.One apparently sucks! It’s nothing much than Game trying a hand at cinema. After watching Robot, Ra.One seems a joke on the ability of the audience to see quality SFX, action and script. The story does have a story line but no sensible one though that binds the whole story together.

The movie has several cameos but all are just placed with no rhyme and reason, and of course turn nothing more than what cheerleaders were to IPL. While you might slowly feel that the movie might have been made aiming at children, but the dilema SRK is facing is that he needs to topple Salman Khan of the top spot after he grabbed series of blockbusters. This clearly is compromised when you hear the dialogues.

It’s a Jhajantaram Mamantaram, better packed, big-budgeted, still a waste of creativity. It’s time SRK and Bollywood alike learn that people here have started accepting that Villains too can win… If we love that in Hollywood … and there are several examples to cite in Bollywood .. like Dhoom… And Just a Final warning to all those who feel that I might be making some sense here, the way story ends, opens up chances for a sequel.

From me, it’s a clear DVD watch and only advisable to watch in theatres if you have kids who love no-brain, game-inspired movies! Watch Chitti aka Rajinikant’s Robot again, if you wish to… its more believable than this!


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Supreeth Sudhakaran is a content strategist who has worked with leading brands of the media such as Haymarket Media, The Indian Express Group, Dainik Bhaskar and Planman Media.


8 thoughts on “Movie Review Ra.One – Ridiculously Artificial One

  1. think movies are for entertainment and to relax your self, lot of people think themselves as genius and movies as a serious media and write these kind of absurd reviews,, So Ignore kar,,ignore kar,,Go watch the movie and get entertained,,its a rocking movie and please take your kids also along with you,,nowadays very few films allow us to take our kids too,,Thank you Ra One team,,Its a pure entertainer…

    Posted by Rahul | October 26, 2011, 6:17 pm
  2. srk or salman or aamir wont give a damn to any of you n your comments. farigh loog!

    Posted by talha | October 26, 2011, 7:01 am
  3. I totally agree with you mate! Watch it to be one as well!

    Posted by AS Supreeth | October 25, 2011, 9:00 pm
  4. you’re an idiot

    Posted by a | October 25, 2011, 8:58 pm


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